With over 100 Irish Calendar folklore dates. Photos and research by Michael Fortune/


The images and stories featured in this calendar are the result of a body of research conducted by artist/folklorist Michael Fortune where he documented almost 150 dressers in peoples homes and the personal stories attached to them. The dressers recorded are more than just dry pieces of folk furniture or relics of the past. Instead they are an evolving and ever-changing display reflecting the experiences, lives and values of their keepers, serving as shrines as well as practical pieces of furniture.

In addition to the beautiful monthly images and essay by Michael, the calendar also highlights aspects of Irish folklore and customs connected to key dates in each month. Rather than include standard, international dates, he decided to highlight and promote particular festivals and customs which are relevant to us in Ireland. e.g. Put up you May Bush, Light a candle on All Souls’ Night, Take to the hills on Fraughan Sunday etc.

The calendar itself is A3 in size, saddle stitched with full image on top and month and information on the bottom. The days and months are in the Irish and English language and the front cover is on a lovely heavy 300gsm silk gloss laminate paper while the inside pages are on 150gsm silk. Calendars cost €15 each plus P+P. The P+P costs vary depending on the size of the order so please use the drop down menu to see exact costs. This is based on orders of 1 to 10 - however if you have larger orders, email or call and we can supply exact pricing. Please see this You Tube video where Michael walks you through each page and explains the idea behind the project and publication.

Update by Michael Fortune, 17th of December 2020

Due to an incredible ground-up response, The Irish Dresser and Folklore Calendars have sold completely out. Pre-orders for the calendar were taken in October and a first print run arrived and was shipped in mid-November. However due to demand a 2nd re-print was ordered a week later and it too sold out within ten days. A third print was ordered on the 12th December and it too is now sold out. I would like to thank everyone who supported this project from the Local Authorities to each and everyone of you who purchased one or supported my journey with this over the past 3 months. See you all next year for the 2022 Irish Dresser and Folklore Calendar with new dressers, new stories and new folklore dates. Happy Christmas to you all.


If you have any questions please contact Michael on 087 6470247.

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“Dressers, their makers and owners, the objects displayed are beautifully captured

by Michael Fortune. Functional and beautiful, dressers are evocative and prompt memories. 

Through image and interview Michael weaves and shares the story of the Irish dresser. Enjoy!”

Rosa Meehan, Curator at the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life (Oct. 2020)

“The dresser is neither humble nor mute. Whether regularly reorganised and celebrated, or serving as a more static backdrop to kitchen or shed, the kitchen dressers of Ireland tell stories of individual and shared craft, of linkages across communities and through time, and of layers and layers of human experience, to those who care to listen.”

Dr. Cliona O’Carroll, Béaloideas/Folklore and Ethnology, University College Cork